Limestone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock composed of mostly calcium carbonate. Formed in clear, shallow and warm waters. This rock is usually the result of an accumulation from coral, algae, and fecal debris. However, it can also be formed through the precipitation of calcium carbonate from lakes or oceans. 

 The widespread use of limestone can be attributed to its physical properties and its suitability in construction use. Its hard and dense structure coupled with minimum pore spaces makes it a  great utilitarian material with a varied range of applications. More often than not, it is crushed and used in construction as part of cement. Other specialized uses include paving roads or used in agriculture to neutralize acid-ridden soil and as a filler ingredient in toothpaste. Powdered limestone is anti-pollution and acts as a sorbent to absorb pollutants in the air and crushed limestone is used as a natural filter in on-site sewage systems.

 Global Transit exports bulk limestone from Vietnam and UAE for Cement and Steel manufacturers.

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